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F.S.B., PhD, IT Consultant ​

(2007-2019) Rosemary's Top Qualities: Expertise, Commitment, Warmth, Great Results

  • Rosemary helped me face my deepest, most terrifying demons and helped me heal from injuries that plagued me for decades.
  • No judgment. Pure respect. Patient. 
  • An expert guide during the midnight of my soul. 
  • Can I say she made this arduous journey "fun?" Somehow, her warm, self-deprecating humor made it so! ​
  • Enthusiastically recommend.

D.G., CFO, (2008-current) Rosemary's Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

  • Rosemary is a counselor & therapist for one of my daughters, who suffers from depression and social anxiety disorders.
  • Rosemary has done an outstanding job with my daughter and has helped her develop useful skills to cope with her many issues.
  • Rosemary combines her deep functional knowledge of psychology and human behavior, with her practical experience and common sense perspective on living, to truly help her patients deal with the everyday demands of life in a positive and proactive manner.

  • Rosemary is also very responsive and helpful in dealing with the many special needs that surround someone afflicted with mental illness.
  • From my perspective, she does outstanding work in her practice and I wholeheartedly endorse her as a high level professional in this field.” 

L.A., Entrepreneur, Performance Artist and Entertainer (c002-Current) Rosemary's Top qualities: Expert, High Integrity, Creative

  • Rosemary brings so very much to a session, it is difficult to know how to begin this recommendation.
  • I value her open-minded, critical thinking, her willingness to look beyond what society deems "normal" her continuing dedication to furthering her own knowledge and all that that can bring to her clients.
  • I love that she is now a "Kink Aware Professional" and that she is someone whom I am comfortable sending friends, peers and occasional clients to for furthering their insights.
  • I can say that she always gives me perspective and new sets of tools for whatever may be on my mind at a particular time.

R.M. CNA, Neuro-ICU specialist (2002-2020 ) Rosemary's Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

  • A committed and dedicated professional with exceptional insight and compassion.
  • After years of frustration with other therapists, her expertise in the field of counseling has been a life altering experience for me. 

PBT, BA, Writer  (2009-2012)  Rosemary's Top qualities: Expert, High Integrity, Creative

  • Dr Tyskinski is excellent at her chosen career. She has vast professional experience and expertise.
  • She is also intuitive, creative and innovative in her approach to each individual client. 
  • She is not a "formula" therapist, but rather seeks to find the heart of the issues that her client has, and develops healing strategies based on a true knowledge of the individual. 
  • I have found that my input is met with active listening, reflective objectivity, and real concrete tools to work with. 
  • I have found the time spent working with her to be highly enlightening as well as beneficial.

K.L.S., MD practicing physician (2007-current)  Rosemary's Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

  • Superb therapist, easily able to connect to and work with a broad variety of individuals with both complex and significant issues.

S.O., Photographer (2009-2012)  Rosemary's Top qualities: Expert, High Integrity, Creative

  • There was something intangible that just clicked when I started working with Rosemary.
  • She has a warm outgoing personality and provides a nurturing experience. 
  • I feel overwhelmingly comfortable in her presence.
  • Her holistic approach ensures that she listens to my needs and experiences and doesn't try to fit me into some preconceived analysis box which many therapists are apt to do.
  • Instead she listens and provides feedback unique to me. I would definitely recommend Rosemary to my friends who are looking for a life/career coach or just for general therapy.​​

C.H., IT Consultant 

(client 2010-2012) 

Rosemary's Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

  • I would absolutely recommend Rosemary.
  • She's professional, knowledgeable, and everything you'd want out of a therapist. ​
  • One of the finest.” 

B.H., MA, Mental Health Specialist, and CCD (1994-2008) 
Rosemary's Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity, and Creativity.  

  • I've known Rosemary for more than 15 years. As an educator, she is brilliant and highly effective; she has the skill and intuition it takes to understand how differently others learn and process information.
  • As a therapist, Rosemary has a wonderful ability to blend expert knowledge with human kindness; her warmth / genuine caring brings light and hope to her clients
  • In truth, she is a healer. 

K.T., MD Oncologist (2010-current) Rosemary's Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Warm & Creative

  • My 16 year-old daughter (now 23) bonded with Rosemary. She has helped her and ourselves navigate the potholes of adolescence.
  • Rosemary is highly committed and will do whatever it takes to uncover problems. She finds the most creative solutions to problems we thought unsolvable. 
  • A master. A magician. Thank you. 

C.J., IT GM, (1994-2014) Rosemary's Top Qualities: Expertise (exceptionally gifted), Compassion, Wisdom. 

  • Rosemary has been there for me over the last 20 years. Whenever my life has been in crisis or in a major transition she's been there to guide me. 
  • She's been a mentor and a coach to me in my career change and with my business development.
  • She has an uncanny mastery of many life and business domains. 
  • She has an almost immediate grasp and understanding of the deepest most complex issues I've faced in life. 
  • She has helped bring sanity and clarity to me in an insane world. 

​D.B., MD Practicing Physician (2009-2010.Rosemary's Top qualities: Great Results,Expert, High Integrity

  • Rosemary was an amazing person to work with. She helped me personally and professionally.
  • I found her to be a person of extreme integrity and her moral character is outstanding.
  • I know she would be an asset to any organization because of her people skills and her ability to lead others.  

N.F., IT (2004-2014 Rosemary's Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Creative

  • I hired Rosemary for a specific problem, which she not only solved admirably, but followed up with recommendations that were extremely helpful. 
  • As a result, I have grown to rely on her advice and intuition over the years.
  • Her guidance has enriched my life, both personally and professionally.
  • I recommend her without reservation!

​S.B, PhD, Entrepreneur, IT Professional (2009-2020) Rosemary's Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity

  • Rosemary is awesome, creative and effective. She consistently coached me through issues and concerns in both my personal and professional life.
  • Often, it was the same root cause and she helped me to see how one underlying thing causes many different challenges. 
  • I highly recommend her as a coach and counselor.

J.B. Commercial Real Estate Broker (2006-2009) Rosemary's Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity

  • Rosemary is a highly skilled, empathetic professional.
  • Her insight, experience, gifting and education brought productive results each coaching session.

T.B. Real Estate Broker, Entrepreneur, Financial Advisor (2009) Rosemary's Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

  • Rosemary is a complete joy to work with. She is extremely knowledgeable and professional.
  • I highly recommend her.